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December 11, 2012

Thank you to all our of Summer CSA members for their continuing support and to our eNewsletter readers for your feedback! It’s been awesome to see our support grow this year.  We’ve had a good long season with very few crop failures.

That has meant that we have been able to supply all of our customers with the full range of crops that we grow. We’ve had lots of sun and just enough water to get us through the year without much stress on the crops.

The first frosts were on the rooftops last night, so now it’s time to get all the cold sensitive crops out or protect them from the cold weather.  We have a good stash of winter squash in the warehouse that should last us through February.

Right now there’s a greenhouse full of tiny lettuce and kale transplants that will be ready to put into the ground the first of the year. The early rains have been substantial and it looks like it will be a while until we can work any ground with tractors. Whether there will be open beds ready for the transplants is another story and something we will have to wait to find out.

Stay tuned for more updates and crop plans for 2013! Thank you and we hope you and your family have a Happy Holiday and Prosperous New Year!… Read the rest

December 11, 2012

Green Kabocha Squash-Martinelli Ranch

Red Kabocha Squash-Martinelli Ranch

Spinach-Rancho del Oso

Romaine Lettuce-Martinelli Ranch

Dino Kale-Rancho del Oso

Hachiya Persimmons-Ocean St. Extension

Parsnips-Martinelli Ranch

Cabbage-Rancho del Oso

Curly Parsley–Martinelli Ranch

Butter Lettuce–Martinelli Ranch

Red Mustard-Rancho del Oso… Read the rest

December 4, 2012

Arugula-Rancho del Oso

Rainbow Chard- Rancho del Oso

Red Mustard Greens- Rancho del Oso

Spinach- Rancho del Oso

Little Gem Lettuce-Martinelli Ranch

Kabocha Squash- Martinelli Ranch

Fuyu Persimmons-Ocean St. Extension

Cilantro-Rancho del Oso

Dill- Rancho del Oso

Sage-Rancho del Oso… Read the rest

November 27, 2012

We are getting as many of our fields prepped and harvested in anticipation of much wetter weather that is in store for us.  All the winter squash and potatoes need to be gathered and stored and all the peppers need to be harvested off of the plants before the soil is too wet to even walk on. The only fruit still on the trees are the persimmons.  They can handle the wet and colder conditions much better than other late fall/early winter crops.

The weatherperson is calling this weather system an “atmospheric river”. A term which describes a plume of moisture now being directed toward our lovely Central Coast. When we hear this, it means it’s time to pull the pumps out of the creek and make sure all the drainage ditches are cleared and ready to be filled with running water.

Water is our life blood but in excessive amounts in short bursts, it causes soil erosion and a number of other issues. In mid-winter we attempt to coordinate our harvests in order to avoid the heavy rains.  The last 2 years this has been easy, but this year may be a different story. Trying to work in ground that is too soggy makes a mess and destroys the soil structure, something so important for growing healthy plants and something that we try to constantly create and maintain in our fields.

It seems that the rain always comes on Wednesdays, one of our big (and other farmers’ as well) market days. Our dedicated crew loads up the truck with crate after crate of fruit and veggies and dutiful heads downtown to set up our market stand.  They very stoically brave the weather so that our dedicated customers can get the produce they need to feed themselves and their family and friends. It’s on days like this that we are even more grateful for our great employees and customers. Thank you and enjoy the rain!… Read the rest

November 27, 2012

Asian Pears- Ocean St. Extension

Arugula- Rancho del Oso

Red Mustard Greens- Rancho del Oso

Red Mini Romaine- Martinelli Ranch

Green Mini Romaine- Martinelli Ranch

Curly Parsley-Rancho del Oso

Spinach- Rancho del Oso

Parsnips-Martinelli Ranch

Red Kabocha Winter Squash-Martinelli Ranch

Fuyu Persimmons-Ocean St. Extension… Read the rest

November 20, 2012

Red Dandelions-Rancho del Oso

Fennel- Rancho del Oso

Red Mini Romaine- Martinelli Ranch

Green Mini Romaine- Martinelli Ranch

Désirée Potatoes – Rancho del Oso

Futsu Winter Squash- Rancho del Oso

Kabocha Winter Squash- Rancho del Oso

Fuyu Persimmons-Ocean St. Extension

Gold Beets-Rancho del Oso

Thyme-Rancho del Oso- Ocean St. Extension… Read the rest

November 14, 2012

We are looking forward to things slowing somewhat from the feverish pace that goes with the main growing season. Seasonal changes are what’s happening now, with cooler nighttime temperatures and some much needed rain on tap.  Leaves are changing colors which signals it will soon be time for winter pruning to begin.  The persimmons, a welcome fall treat, are ripening even as their leaves are beginning to turn orange and drop.


Being tied to the land, you kind of have to get used to doing things when the timing is right. Of course, this doesn’t always correspond to when it’s most convenient and sometimes prioritizing is the name of the game. Hence when the weatherperson says “rain likely” in the forecast, you know it’s time to drop everything, get out the seed broadcaster and toss the cover crop seed to take advantage of that “free water”.


It’s also the time of year to consider what we are thankful for. One of the many great things about living in the Santa Cruz area is that we have an abundance of restaurants and awesome chefs that “get it” as far as sourcing locally. It is so cool to be able to collaborate with them about what we can grow for them (and in turn everyone) and discover some new things along the way. This has important and far reaching impacts for moving the food discussions along for the whole community. That’s what it’s all about. Thanks to them and thanks to you all!

 … Read the rest

November 13, 2012

Pippin Apples-Rancho del Oso

Rainbow Chard- Rancho del Oso

Spinach- Rancho del Oso

Fennel- Rancho del Oso

Green Zucchini-Ocean St. Extension

Romaine Lettuce-Martinelli Ranch

Red Mini Romaine Lettuce- Rancho del Oso

Butternut Squash-Martinelli Ranch

Désirée Potatoes-Rancho del Oso… Read the rest

November 6, 2012

Bunched Red Beets-Rancho del Oso

Red Chard-Rancho del Oso

Red Kale-Rancho del Oso

Romaine Lettuce-Rancho del Oso

Mini Green Romaine-Rancho del Oso

Yellow Bell Peppers-Rancho del Oso

Yellow Finn Potatoes-Rancho del Oso

Futsu Winter Squash-Rancho del Oso

Curly Parsley-Rancho del Oso

Dill-Rancho del Oso… Read the rest