September 29, 2015

A huge thank you to Santos Majano and his team from the Kitchen at Discretion Brewery for the awesome fall farm dinner they prepared for our guests this past Sunday. It was another magical Ocean St. Extension evening under the chestnut tree completed by the super harvest moon and eclipse. Thanks also to all of our dinner guests and wait staff who made it a very special evening indeed.

Our harvest season is continuing and shifting into cooler weather fall crops. The tomato crop is ending soon with winter squash, apples and sunchokes becoming the main focus. The herbs and greens that are year round are enjoying the change in weather. We have also started cover cropping empty patches of earth as they open up, to protect and rejuvenate the ground through the coming winter. Hoping for a wet one!

It’s clear that fall is upon us. Our harvest crew now starts work at 6:45 because of the lack of early morning light. The persimmon trees are starting to turn color and we’ve even seen some of the fruit turning orange, which is a little earlier than normal years.  We are starting to realize that “normal” doesn’t exist anymore.

A lot of the trees have already lost their leaves for reasons other than seasons.  It is interesting to see which plants are still doing okay and which ones aren’t quite able to deal with the drought.

There are tomato plants that have been dry-farmed all season yet are still putting out green growth and producing tomatoes while other crops which have given up and are going into their reproductive mode due to the lack of water, or worse, by being ravaged by bugs than can find no other hosts in this dry world around us.

We have tools that can help to cope but to some extent we are at the mercy of what nature bestows upon us. Learning to be adaptable in the face of uncertainty is probably the best tool to have.