July 19, 2016

Midsummer and the bounty is ever expanding. The potatoes are now entering the mix as are yellow onions and early Gravenstein apples. Gravensteins are an old favorite but are not planted as widely as they were in the past. Newer varieties bred for their size and productivity have become the norm in the larger apple growing areas, but smaller local producers still grow them for their earliness and excellent unique flavor especially good for applesauce, tarts and pies. Following the Gravensteins are the McIntosh, Gala and everyone’s favorite, the fall ripening Rubenstars.

The dry farmed Early Girl tomatoes are on now and will be making their way into the CSA boxes and farmers markets pronto. We are also dry farming the cherry tomatoes for a super sweet treat as well.

The peppers are firming up on the plants on Ocean St. Extension but are still in the green unripe stage. We think the colored bells should begin ripening mid-August with some sun. Following the bells will be the jalapeño, poblano and then the paprikas.

Our first dinner of the Summer Farm Dinner Series was this past Sunday at Rancho del Oso. Thanks to the heroic organizing efforts by Jasmine, it went off amazingly!  Brad Briske, our guest chef, knocked it out of the park with a dazzling performance with the help of his crew from la Balena in Carmel. The ‘out of the box’ earth grill he created worked perfectly for every course!  Barry and Jennifer Jackson of Equinox provided an awesome selection of bubbles, reds and whites. It was so much FUN!  A perfect midsummer evening!