November 22, 2016

The colors on the farm are changing as the leaves are turning orange and yellow. There is also a lot of green in the fields and hillsides from all the early rains. We are hoping that the rains continue. Our crew is busy gathering all the irrigation pipes out of the field and pulling up drip irrigation lines. It’s a great feeling not to have to irrigate anymore.
We hope that everyone is coming to grips with the outcome of the elections and are getting ready for the challenges ahead, keeping an eye on the future with both feet on the ground. You can be reassured that we will keep moving forward no matter what happens and keep our focus on sustainable agriculture even if the prevailing politics aren’t supportive. 
Farmers are generally fiercely independent folk that can survive and adapt to the fickle winds of change. We of course prefer good change and do not want to be going backwards or to undo the progress we have made in developing a more ecological agriculture as well as a renewable energy future. Our motivation to move forward will not change. Our goals have always been and will continue to be healthy soils, healthy workers, and a healthy community.
BTW stay tuned for something energy related that is coming to the Central Coast soon that will really increase our independence!