October 11, 2016

A definite change in the seasons is upon us. The first soaking rain is approaching so we are scrambling to get the rest of the potatoes, dry onions and dry beans under cover. We are also hoping to take advantage of the free water to plant cover crop on the sloped fields and even do some winter crop transplanting and seed sowing. We are beyond ready for the rain. It will be much more pleasant getting around the farm as the farm roads have gotten very dry and dusty.

This late summer season has been pretty good as far as crops go. September got off to a cool start but the heat came on late in the month and brought a lot of crops on that had been lagging. We even got some watermelons to ripen nicely due to some very hot days.  The vines on the winter squash are dying back and we have great yields on red and green Kabocha and Delicata winter squashes. We are on the verge of some late season Italian pole beans coming into harvest as well.

Unfortunately the tree squirrel overpopulation locally has decimated our chestnut crop. We were really anxious for them as the crop looked pretty good following last year’s drought-induced shortage.  Not sure what we can do about the squirrels as their numbers have become overwhelming.  It’s not something we have seen before in our orchards. You win some, you lose some.  Luckily our diverse crops keep us going.  The persimmon crop looks good and are coming on quickly.  Let’s hope the squirrels don’t take a liking to them too 🙂