October 25, 2016

Here comes the rain again and we are scrambling to get all the winter storage crops under cover, disc under old crops, and transplant some winter kale, broccoli and lettuce aaaaand sow cover crops of clover, vetch, mustard and our favorite, Phacelia. Phew! If only there were more daylight hours instead of less…just kidding 🙂
Once things slow down (likely after Thanksgiving) there will be time to reflect and start crop planning for next year.  
We really appreciate all our customers and supporters that keep us going. We try to manifest a shared vision of what sustainable agriculture should be. As farmers, our job is to produce food, fiber and in the case of flowers…food for the soul. 
Our efforts require putting in place conditions in the soil for the magic of photosynthesis to do the job of harvesting sunlight and converting it into complex sugars and nutrients. It feels like magic when it works well but it can also be baffling when it doesn’t. Knowing that people appreciate our efforts is huge so thanks again!