April 11, 2017

April showers are continuing so we are trying to find any openings between them to get into the ground to plant. So far we have had three big plant outs of lettuce, fennel, radicchio, cilantro, dill and spinach. In addition all the tomatoes and some of the peppers and onions have been planted and are starting to grow.
We have also done a single planting of parsley, carrots, basil, dahlia tubers and snapdragons, with more to follow. We are a little late planting potatoes due to shipping delays from our supplier but those should be arriving soon and the planting will happen within the next couple weeks.
The good news is we are officially done with the drought. The last three seasons were a guessing game as to whether we would make it through the season with enough water. That is not a problem this year. It’s always good to conserve and our practices during the drought have taught us to manage things better and be more frugal in how we use water in our fields.
One of the added benefits of using more drip tape irrigation is that there are less weeds, which are always a labor concern for us organic farmers who stay away from herbicides for weed control.
Once we actually have to start regular irrigation (probably not until May), it will be with a sharp eye for what really needs it and what doesn’t. Our tomatoes will not be irrigated as usual as we dry farm them and the orchards will only need minimal added water.
Speaking of orchards, the fruit set on the trees is still looking good. The task at hand is now to keep the deer out so that there is fruit for the humans 🙂