April 25, 2017

The verdict is in, no more rain is needed. I know it sounds weird to say that after so much drought but, after upwards of 70″ this season, it’s okay for the rain to stop now 🙂 The soil is still a little mucky a couple of inches down in many places.

We are starting to whittle away at the backlog of transplants in our greenhouse, transplanting in the drier patches here, there and everywhere. Warmer weather is fast approaching and it’s time to get going working the ground.

The time for planting squashes, beans, eggplant and all those other summer delights is here! The good news is we’ve already transplanted all 8 varieties of peppers in our driest areas, so no worries there.

Checking on the tomatoes that we put out in early March, it looks like they are growing vigorously and are starting to vine out. It won’t be long until they will need staking. I am also very happy to see the newly acquired Dahlia varieties sprouting up…I can’t wait!

Once we get all the cover crop mowed and incorporated, the big decision will be just how much to plant and whether to keep some land always fallowed or to put in a summer cover crop.

This is something that is new. The ongoing dilemma now being how many field workers we can find to help us for the growing season. Our regular core crew of 15 can do amazing things but more are needed if all 55 acres are going to be utilized to the fullest.

Hmmm, summer cover crops? It’s going to be an interesting year.