August 2, 2017

The August day length is still pretty long but we are noticing the slight delay of daybreak in the early morning hours. There’s now darkness when getting ready to go out to work. Even though the days are getting shorter, the warmest days are still yet to come.
Fruit, roots, flowers and leaves are coming in fast and furious. We are now dealing with a very wide range of crops that are growing, which leaves little time to even think of other things on the list. Our lineup this next week will include, Poblano peppers, some extremely hot Cayenne peppers, some early apple varieties and the first potatoes which have been patiently waiting their turn to be dug up from the ground. 
It’s a real chore just managing the time to get to all the things that are coming on in the days, weeks and months ahead. We typically harvest leafy crops early in the morning with the hardier items later towards midday. The crop harvest schedule varies during the summer weeks depending on our orders. We aim to finish before 1 or 2 pm but sometimes heavy harvest schedules can span most of the day. When that happens it leaves less time for weeding, irrigating and keeping up on crop thinning and the thousand other things that need to get done on the farm. 
To the happy amusement of our long standing field crew, we are having some new eager young market employees putting time in the field, which is good to see, as every little bit helps. 
Happy August!