February 14, 2017

It’s actually surprising that we are still pulling out a fair variety of crops for our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) boxes considering the deluges we’ve experienced. The soils have been extremely soggy, such that no more water can really soak in from additional rainfall and the water is just running off. It will take about a week, at least, until we can get into the ground again to prep more land for additional early spring planting. With more rain forecast for Wednesday night, it’s unlikely the ground will be workable before that.
Patience is something we have to practice. We are feeling restless and the greenhouses are bulging with transplants ready to go, but yes, patience, patience, patience must be practiced. Two weeks ago we did get a good round of dandelions, radicchio and Brassica transplants put into the soil and even some direct seeded crops like carrots and Asian greens.
So far the only land we have available for spring plantings are those areas left unplanted in the late fall. None of the areas that we have cover cropped over the winter have been worked in yet because they are, in addition to providing free nutrients and sequestering carbon, they are also providing invaluable erosion control for such a wet winter.

Normally by mid-February we are starting to mow and disc under cover crops, but that seems very unwise at this time as there is more rain to come and with that more potential for soil loss. Soil is not something easy to come by so we try very hard preserve the healthy soils we have and that we work so hard to build up year after year.