January 31, 2017

There is a good chance of getting some plants into the ground this week so our crew has been busy preparing the ground. Cool nights and sunny days have allowed the ground to dry out a bit. A few choice spots are ready to open up, but there are still some places with standing water and some even have areas where the water is seeping to the surface. Those areas won’t be tillable for awhile.
We are moving ahead with transplanting this week in anticipation of more rain starting tomorrow. Elsewhere on the farm, the pruning crew is moving through the orchards, cutting and shaping the stone fruit, apples and citrus tree branches. We usually leave the persimmons until last to prune as they don’t start pushing out new growth until March. 
Speaking of coming rain, we have received 40 inches so far at the Ocean St. Extension farm, which is way over our normal annual amount. For a couple days the San Lorenzo River reached heights we haven’t seen in 20 years. It’s very good that this is happening. Even with the flooding, mudslides and inconvenience, it has brought our water supply levels way up and water shortage issues have become a lot less critical.
Our crop planning for 2017 has come together quite nicely. Based on conversations with retailers, wholesalers and our direct markets we are gearing up for a great year. We will try to do more to reach out to our local communities to tell our story and share issues that are important to us as they relate to food and farming.
The most important thing right now is for folks to realize that the impact of eating good and healthy food close to its’ source is of great importance. It is the one thing that everyone can do to have a noticeable effect on health and in supporting how and where food is produced. Voting with your food dollars and actively putting yourselves directly into the food system is a big part of it!