July 4, 2017

Happy Fourth! May the 4th be with you moving forth into summer and into the future. I am impressed with the scope of our local communities efforts at real independence; whether it be food, fabric, energy, and most importantly, thinking. It’s something to celebrate, but it’s not just independence but the INTERdependence that connecting more closely with the sources and resources of our community we should celebrate and affirm. Our work in progress at Route 1 Farm is moving towards a much more sustainable future. It’s not something you can do alone so we are also thanking all those people we interact with.
We apologize that we’ve been lagging with the eNewsletters lately. Due to a very full workload of projects and events as well as trying to re-scale our farm plan to fit the new reality of a smaller field crew, we fell behind in publishing the eNewsletter. It’s all getting done but it’s taking all of our focus, creativity and energy to make our rather complex planting lineup happen. We did get our summer crops in pretty early and have gotten a jump on the tomatoes. We are now looking at a few dry farmed tomatoes ripening this week. First are the Sungold cherry tomatoes leading the pack with lots of clusters turning bright orange and going out to markets. There are a few Early Girls ripening here and there too. Other fruit coming on include Green Gage plums, gold raspberries, even a few Red Haven peaches are going to the Wednesday farmers’ market.
The fog is slowing down the growth of some crops such as peppers and eggplant. The plants are growing fine with many, many small green peppers being set as the fog holds in any daytime heat preventing it from escaping into the night. We are growing a pretty large variety of peppers this year. Later in the season, you can expect to see sweet bells, multiple varieties of poblanos (with several seed trials for a seed company), paprika, gold and yellow Cayenne, Corno Di Toro and jalapeños. Once we get another clear spell we should be seeing some real color added to the pepper patch. 
Lastly, w e hope to see you at the Jack O’Neill Paddle Out on July 9th! More information about the paddle out can be found below.