March 28, 2017

Welcome to Spring! It has been a long and wet winter. It is still wet with a lot of seeps and springs flowing here and there but the sun is peaking out and temperatures are rising. 

In the orchard, the plums have all but finished blooming, with white petals littering the ground like a dusting of snow. The apples and pears are just emerging while the early ripening varieties are at their peak bloom.

In the fields, there is rapid growth of the cover crops with blossoms of Phacelia, Crimson Clover and Purple Vetch popping out. The wild bees, the honey bees and the beneficial insects are loving it. 

As soon as the soil is dry enough we can begin mowing and discing the cover crops under. Up until now there has only been a few choice areas that are drained enough to open up for planting new crops. 

We have noticed some summer weeds like amaranth and purslane starting to germinate in these areas. This is a sign that it’s time to get the summer crops going, but also it means that we have to begin cultivating and hoeing in areas that we have already planted to knock back the weeds. Otherwise those weeds can swallow you up if you are only concentrating on planting. 

As  we spring forward, remember this..The future is unwritten…