May 9, 2017

After a brief hot spell last week we are now having a cool start to May. The cool weather crops like lettuce, spinach, kale and such, are enjoying it but the warm weather loving crops will have to be patient to get what they really want. We continue to open up new ground and plant as if summer were imminent. 
This week it’s more peppers, eggplant, squash and the usual succession of seasonal and year round items. Our seed potato order finally showed up so we are dropping those into the ground too. Varieties this year include Yellow Finn, Purple Viking, Austrian Crescents, Pink Pearl, German Butterball and Vicasso (a new multi-colored spud).
Upcoming projects on the farm include hacking back encroaching perimeter tree growth into our deer fencing and mending said fences where fallen trees have damaged it. There seems to be a lot of trees falling in our surrounding woods, due likely to abundant growth from all our rain this past winter. We believe the rainy season is done so we are looking forward to about 6 months of no rain, which is normal for these parts in a ‘typical’ year.
Besides all the crops we grow, we believe that limiting our carbon footprint is just as important. IN addition to harvesting the suns energy by growing crop plants, our 15 kWh rooftop solar photovoltaic’s electrical plant has saved over 300,000 lbs. of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere. This offsets a lot of our carbon use from delivery trucks and tractors, which although burn mostly biodiesel do contribute to carbon emissions.
We are continuously looking at our non-renewable outputs and trying to figure out a way to minimize or all together eliminate waste that goes into landfill or utilizes from non-renewable resources.