Route 1 Farms CSA

2019 Winter CSA Update

We have been getting a few questions about the coming CSA year and unfortunately, we aren’t going to be able to do a Winter CSA in the coming year 🙁

The majority of our land is up at Rancho del Oso and due to the lack of rain, we are extremely limited on water that we are able to use out of Waddel Creek. Since the creek level is so low and there is no ‘flushing’ happening, ocean water is moving up the creek to where our pump is and the water is unusable. We grow a lot of crops on that land and without water, we haven’t been able to plant any crops that would come into harvest when the CSA would start.

We are hoping to do a longer CSA again next year to make up for not having the Winter. Though that is our plan for now, there are about a million and one factors that will come into play between now and then so we will have to keep you posted!

Thanks to those of you who have been shareholders and who have supported us by doing so.

2018 Summer CSA~May 1-December 4

Pick up day is Tuesday afternoons from 3:00-5:30, with some locations offering a later pick up time.

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A Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program is a partnership*** between the farmer and the community. The benefit to you, the member, is that you know where your food is grown, who is growing it and the methods by which it is grown. The benefit to the farmer is that they are able to raise much needed income at the beginning of the season for all the start up costs for the coming growing year. The farmer is also able to create a greater connection to the people who eat what they grow. Another benefit to becoming a CSA shareholder is that the money you spend on produce stays in the local economy.

By becoming a CSA shareholder in the farm, the community member(s) will receive a box of produce each week for the length of the CSA season.  Every week the box will be filled with fresh, seasonal and organic vegetables, fruit, and herbs, grown right here in Santa Cruz County. We do not purchase produce from wholesale operations to fill our boxes. The produce in our boxes is straight from our farm with very few exceptions. At times, we will supplement our box with a crop we do not grow from an organic farm friend or a  food artisan, so as to compliment the array of crops that we grow and fill the boxes with.

We have two CSA seasons every year. The Winter Season is from mid-January to mid-April (14-weeks) and the Summer Season is from May 1 to December 4 (32 weeks). We offer two share sizes: an individual share ($238/Winter Season and $544/Summer Season) and a family share ($378/Winter Season and $864/Summer Season). Payment for the longer Summer Season can be split in half (1st at sign up and 2nd in August) whereas payment for the Winter Season is paid in full due to its’ shorter duration.

Pick up days are on Tuesday afternoons starting at 3:00pm and going until 5:30 pm with some sites offering later pick up times. Please check your desired pick up locations time carefully to make sure of the end time.

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We grow a wide variety of vegetables all through out the year.  Depending on the time of year some of the typical items you can expect to find in your CSA share are: lettuce, kale, cabbage, cilantro, tomatoes, potatoes, bell peppers, radicchio, collards, herbs, summer & winter squash, chard and lots more.

We also have an Add-On section for ordering additional items that will be delivered with your weekly box. One week we may have apples that you can buy in quantity to make apple butter, dried apples, pies or anything else you may fancy. Another week we may add flower bouquets to brighten your home or office. We will also have pantry staples such as Alta Organic coffee, Companion Bakeshop bread, dried beans, on a regular basis. It is best to check the Add-On page weekly so see what new items we are offering.

***Please note that by signing up for the CSA you are entering into an agreement and partnership with Route 1 Farms. Unfortunately, shares cannot be refunded for any reason. If the shareholder decides that they no longer want to receive a box, we will be able to cancel the subscription but will not be able to offer a refund as the money is allocated early in the season.***

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Pick Up Sites

We have 11 open pick up sites in Santa Cruz County and 1 in Santa Clara County.

  1. Aptos: off of Rio del Mar Blvd., Aptos, 95003 (Complete address given when you register).
  2. Ben Lomond: Hihn Rd., Ben Lomond, 95005 (Complete address given when you register).
  3. Boulder Creek: Pine St., Boulder Creek, 95006 (Complete address given when you register).
  4. Felton: Plateau Dr., off Highway 9, Felton, 95018 (Complete address given when you register).
  5. Live Oak: Byer Rd., near Chanticleer Ave. and Capitola Rd., Santa Cruz, 95062 (Complete address given when you register).
  6. Prospect Heights: off of  Morrissey Ave. on the inland side, 95065 (Complete address given when you register).
  7. Santa Cruz-Ocean St. Extension (our farm): 2037 Ocean St. Extension, 95060.
  8. Santa Cruz-Wednesday Downtown Farmers Market: Cedar St. & Lincoln St. PLEASE NOTE THIS IS A WEDNESDAY PICK UP AND NOT TUESDAY.
  9. Santa Cruz-Westside: 1305 Fair Ave. #2, 95060. Our warehouse on the corner of McPherson & Fair Ave., one block from New Leaf.
  10. Scotts Valley: Scotts Valley Dr., off of Granite Creek exit on Hwy. 17, 95066 (Complete address given when you register).
  11. Seabright: Cayuga St. near the intersection of Pine St. , Santa Cruz, 95062. (Complete address given when you register).
  12. The Summit: Mason-Taylor Ranch, 22951 Summit Rd., Los Gatos, 95033.

Are you or someone you know interested in being a site host for the CSA? If so, please give us a call at 831- 426-1075 and we will explain what we are looking for.  As a thank you for being a site host you will receive $5 off of your box each week.  Not too mention that you will be bringing healthy, organic produce to your immediate community. What better way than to get to know your neighbors (if you don’t already know them that is) than through great food?

Winter CSA On Hold For 2018

After much consideration, we have decided that we are unable to do the Winter CSA that typically starts in January. It wasn’t an easy decision to make but it is the one that makes the most sense for the farm in the coming months.

In all that we do, we strive to do it in the most efficient, economical and environmentally sensitive way possible. If we don’t feel that we can do things with those goals in mind and still serve our customers an excellent product or service then we have to change our plans and strive to do it better in the future.

We hope that you understand, shop at the farmers’ markets and join us again in May for the CSA!!

December 2015 Update

Dear CSA shareholders (past, present and future),

We had very good crop production throughout this season, with abundance that we spread near and far.  It has been a very long growing season with little actual winter weather since last December,  so here is our chance to give back to the ground that has given so much year after year.

We have decided after much thought and for several reasons, not to do our 14-week Winter CSA.  One consideration in our reasoning is that we are starting to feel the longer term effects of drought.  On about half of our land at our Rancho Del Oso farm, we are now unable to irrigate due to low water flow of Waddell Creek.

The creek has been dammed at the beach by the sand and in the meantime larger oceans swells have come up and over the sand into the lagoon causing the water to back up the canyon and in turn it has become brackish at our lower pump site. Salt is very harmful to most crops so we’ve had to cease using it until the flow breaks through the beach head again. When that will happen, we have no clue or control over.Winter crop plantings on these fields can’t happen at this point because we cannot water them in upon planting or to continue their growth. Ironically, another reason is that in anticipating potentially strong El Niño produced rains later this winter we have thought it wise to begin sowing early cover crop seed on potentially erodible ground with non-harvestable crops of clovers, vetch, mustard, triticale and phacelia (for the bees and beneficial insects).

We generally like to cover at least 75% of our land in winter cover crops but this year we are planning to go a bit heavier. Not having a Winter CSA will give the land, and thus us, a break and a chance to re-invigorate and recharge. It wasn’t an easy decision to make but without a large variety of crops growing in the late fall and winter months, there wouldn’t be much to put in a box that would start in mid-January.

We still have good water for the upper twenty acres at Rancho Del Oso and on the Ocean St Extension land which is on wells. We will continue attending the farmer’s markets that stay open all winter, namely the Downtown Wednesday Market and the Cabrillo and Westside Markets on Saturdays.

As always, and even more so as we navigate our way through changes that are out of our hands, we appreciate the support you have given us through participating in our CSA, not to mention at the farmers markets and/or purchasing our produce in stores you frequent.

We plan to stat the Summer CSA up at the end of May and we will make sure that you all are the first to know when registration has been opened. In the meantime, if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to let us know.