July 24, 2018

Keeping up is the name of the game in late July. It’s full summer mayhem in the fields right now. Every day it seems like another summer crop is maturing. We have been patiently waiting for tomato season and as of today, it is on! Quantities will be increasing daily and it will soon overwhelm us as usual, but like I say, it’s better to have too much than to not have enough! 
Although we are not baking like some folks inland, we are getting a fair amount of sun after the fog burns off. Nighttime temperatures are remaining warm due to the coastal fog cover that rolls in. Due to this, there is an acceleration of the ripening of crops. The Early Girl, heirloom and Sungold cherry tomatoes are all pumping out the first few colorful boxes. You should be seeing them at the local farmers markets this week. 
Pest issues have been minimal this year thanks to our very diverse plantings and the surrounding natural habitats. The one exception is that the Italian basil is now starting to be impacted by the dreaded black mold which infects the underside of the basil leaves. This has become more and more of a problem in recent years and we have yet to find a resistant variety to combat it.
Despite that mold issue on the basil, all the fruit crops are looking good. The Blenheim apricots came off well for us this year and the plums are ongoing and looking and smelling great! 
We placed all of our pheromone lures in the apple trees. These traps confuse the Codling Moth once it starts looking to reproduce and multiply; the proverbial worm in the apple. It’s the single best non-toxic effective control known. The apples are delayed this year but the fruit set looks good. Enjoy the summer!  Fall will be here before we know it…