December 4, 2018

Well it looks like we are done irrigating indefinitely with numerous storms coming through and more on the way. We have been hurrying to get all bare ground cover cropped before the ground becomes too soggy to work. For the most part we’ve succeeded with a few more small areas that will need it if we get another dry spell. 

Existing crops can do a pretty good job, but once they’re gone you have to get right on it with the broadcast seeder. Mitigating erosion of cropland is a high priority for us.

It’s been so dry up till now that we’ve had to irrigate most of our cover crop seed to get it sprouting and doing so before the rains have a chance to cause damaging runoff of valuable topsoil since it takes thousands of years to form.

Unless you are blessed with land in a floodplain that gets topsoil replenished from deposits from parts upstream, you must hold onto what you have by any means necessary.  This is especially true on sloped land.
The crops we do still have are loving this weather. The nights continue to stay warm but word has it some cold weather should be continuing this weekend. 

The summer crops are pretty much over and from now on it’s the hardy leafy greens and storable winter squash along with some citrus and persimmons that are still hanging on.  I cannot believe that December is here already; winter is upon us!

Our long season CSA ended today and it was a wonderful run! For the first time ever, we extended the CSA from 28 weeks to 32 weeks this year and I think it was a success for us and for our shareholders.

Though lack of water was an issue during the fall months, we were able to pull of a large assortment of crops that kept our CSA boxes brimming all season long.

Thank you so much to those of you who supported us this year through the CSA program. We hope you enjoyed your weekly veggies as much as we enjoyed growing them and packing them up for you!