June 26, 2018

Our regular weekly plantings this spring are now awakening. The cool days of May delayed some of the crops but have now given way to a Summer Solstice explosion. Everything seems to be happening all at once. Well almost everything. Except for a couple rogue early cherry tomatoes, we have yet to see any ripe tomatoes, peppers or tree fruit but that doesn’t mean the rest of the crops aren’t absolutely going bonkers. 
Our time is now being spent mostly picking pallet after pallet of cilantro, lettuce, fennel, radicchio, spinach and other greens and root crops. Other summery things are coming into maturity as well. Crops such as flowers, basil and zucchini are keeping us hopping with precious little time to do much else. Once this initial plethora has evened out we’ll get into a more consistent rhythm of harvest, cultivation, weed control, irrigation and more planting.
Maintaining a diverse local food culture has been a long term goal of ours in the farming community.  We are always looking for new crops to grow and experiment with year after year. In addition to that, a lot of what we do, instead of just the hard work of growing food, goes into keeping markets open and strong. It also goes beyond just maintaining, it also includes laying the groundwork for a longer term infrastructure. Shopping at a local farmers market or buying into a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) share is still a relatively small part of the overall food system in our community; even though we may have a big head start over other communities. There’s still room for it to grow and change and become more varied in what is available, affordable and consistent. Thanks to all who share our common concerns and goals!