October 16, 2018

The nights are getting longer, and with it come cool and crisp mornings. The field crew appreciates that we start out with 15 minutes of exercise before they start out into the fields. Gets the blood flowing and the muscles stretched.

The days continue to be sunny and warm but there’s just a little less of it and the shadows creep across the fields a little earlier every day. Soon our final plantings will be in the ground for the year. Most crops we grow need more days to mature this time of year. The time it took to grow a crop to maturity of cilantro or spinach during July was 45 days but now they will require about 55-60 days. We have to plan for that since we try to have a consistent supply of certain crops and that means having extra open ground available in the fall.

With that and the mixing in of the odd patches of cover crop, this part of the year is just as busy as the springtime planting only with the addition of a full lineup of crops to be harvested.  Woo hoo! Can’t wait until it really slows down…..